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The Mermaid Royals Have Surfaced!

Do you smell that sea breeze? The Mermaid Royals are here so you better bow down before they eradicate the land with one eye roll releasing a tsunami! These twin-sisters with a fishtail are both royal but each has a different personality. The kind Queen Ula is the wicked Queen Daria’s opposing force beneath the waves. Keep reading to discover more about these two queens!

Queen Ula

This stunning sensual monarch leads her queendom Pacificus with peace, kindness and justice - that is until someone brings her wrath out or hurts her people. Her subjects all love her and all strive to please their queen as well as their kingdom. She was always the favourite of the family and Pacificus. She misses her sister but she knows she is part of the problem - she should have tried harder.

Queen Daria

The wicked queen of queendom Dariana leads with justice with her subjects but is unfair to outsiders. The bitter queen is angry for she was the second-born and was always the black sheep of the family and Pacificus - thus she gave into dark mermaid magic. She decided to build Dariana from the ground up and start her own queendom! She sometimes misses her family but she is sure they don’t.

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