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A Pageant Contestant, Nurse And Basketball Player - All In One! An Interview With Cristina Sollami!

Welcome back to my blog! Sorry for the inactivity, but I have a treat for you today - we'll be getting to know Cristina Sollami. She is not only Miss Pieta in the Miss Malta contest but also a nurse and medical student at the frontline at the Covid-19 testing centre. Cristina is also an activist who strives for equal, sexual and LGBTQI+ rights. As an activist, she also believes in the inclusion of refugees and the importance of mental health. She has also been playing basketball since she was 4 years old - so you know she is not just your average basketball enthusiast! Are you ready to get to know her? Of course you are!

Where can we find you when you’re not at home, at school or at work? I’m most of the time in those places as I have a very hectic work lifestyle, but I practice basketball daily as well as try to keep fit and healthy. So most of the time when I have some free time I’m either dribbling a basketball or at the gym. Also, something that not many people know about me is that I love cooking. That brings me to the kitchen or at the supermarket buying groceries to make some delicious magic!

Who has inspired you the most?

I think that the person who has always inspired me the most is my mother. She always copes with everything; all the deadlines and taking care of the family. She always made sure we always had everything whilst growing up. By far her resilience is one of the things I admire the most. I also admire the fact that she cares for us from afar and has never been overprotective to help us become independent at a young age. Yet, at the same time my mother always had our back when we needed it. She let us fight our battles but at the same time kept an eye on us.

Who would you choose from history or your life (dead or alive) to go to Serkin with?

My nannu; he passed away in January during my exams and I miss him dearly. I’d like to just sit down and talk as he was one of the most intelligent people I've ever known. He made me realise that intelligence doesn't mean having degrees or certificates; it means living and realising that behind every decision, be it good or bad we, learn something from it and we should appreciate it.

What event in your life left a mark no one can erase, be it good or bad, and what did you learn from it?

Having nannu die in the middle of exams was quite a difficult experience for me so it left an impact. It helped me realise how strong I am alongside how important it is to cherish your loved ones while they're still here.

What has 2020 taught you so far?

I mean Covid; who hasn’t it hit? Having vulnerable people in my family and having to move out for their sake due to the job made me realise how futile our lives are and how we should always care for others as we never know when our last time with them will be. It showed me how something so minuscule can destroy what was considered something at the top of the food chain. Also, it made me realise how important mental health is and how for granted we take it - how we should have more awareness regarding the matter. It made me realise that we should always check on people and not hold grudges.

What got you into modelling?

Haha! Well, it’s not something I would have usually gone for; but after the last year and the obstacles I had to face, I decided to get out of my comfort zone. I wanted to try something new and just go for it!

What impact would winning Miss Malta have on your life?

As I said, it would open up to new horizons in my life. I believe it could give me a platform I can use to help bring awareness about certain matters. I believe that it can be used not only for myself to grow as a person, but also to make people aware of certain situations they would otherwise not know about.

What advice would you give to your teen-self?

Whatever you do someone will judge you. Whatever stand you take, whatever you say; so the best thing is not to care about what anyone else has to say or try to please them. Protect yourself and fight for what you actually believe in because at the end of the day you have to live with yourself. Oh and one last thing, love yourself because happiness comes from within!

Thank you Cristina for finding time in your hectic schedule to let us get to know you. Hope you, the reader, enjoyed this interview and make sure to send some mermaid love and support on Cristina's Miss Pieta Facebook page. There you can get the latest updates on her Miss Malta journey and more! See you in my next post!

Sandy hugs and salty kisses,

Neville xx

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