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7 Ways You Can Become A Mermaid

Hello! I know - the title seems sensational but yes you can be a mermaid! For me, a mermaid is someone who can embrace beauty and pure femininity whilst making them their own. The mermaid aesthetic is also something that has always attracted me to them, but the behavioural aspect and concept of a mermaid are much more attractive. Keep reading to see how I embody what it means to be a mermaid!

Mermaids are CONFIDENT

A mermaid knows they're beautiful, they don't need anyone to tell them they are beautiful. Yet, when complimented, take the compliment - otherwise, it's wasted breath.

Mermaids are ASSERTIVE

Being assertive means to use your head and then act accordingly. Whether you need to scheme or strategize way beforehand or on the spot - you just have to be able to clear your mind and focus on what you're going to say or do.

Mermaids are ABLE TO OWN A ROOM

No need for bells and whistles, even by just walking in a room of people - a mermaid is simply a head-turner. A mermaid can command the whole room's attention by just being there - a gift from confidence!

Mermaids are BEAUTIFUL

You don't have to spend hours or money on your beauty regimen. Just make sure that you feel beautiful in what you're wearing and how you look! You don't like something? Change it! You don't feel comfortable? Change into something else! As long as you are able to feel beautiful, you can rock anything!

Mermaids are OBSERVANT

A mermaid is always looking at and evaluating the environment around them. Keep your eyes peeled for this world is not the safest place to be in. Plus, by picking up on clues you can better defend yourself and gain evidence as well as piece up a puzzle much quicker than others can. It's a necessary talent

Mermaids are CHARMING

Charm is a mermaid's most valuable asset! You need to be able to show yourself as an open and inviting person. Your posture and vocabulary can make or break this trait. Smile often and do not demean others while speaking - a good tactic I discovered is that when someone mentions someone you're not particularly fond of just give them a smile and say "umm not today haha, don't want to dampen anyone's mood!" That way you show congeniality and interest in others' well-being while still keeping it civil and not having to talk badly about someone. Genius, right?!

Mermaids are SENSUAL

Sensuality is also a trait that is associated with mermaids. There is a sort of beauty within the expression of sexuality and pleasure that a mermaid can harness. Nothing wrong with sexual pleasure, therefore put your inhibitions away and give in you seductress of the sea!

BONUS: Mermaid Aesthetic!

Take it to the next level! Get your mermaid aesthetic on by adding shells and other sea-inspired accessories to your outfits. Mermaid scale spandex fabric exists as well and I just love incorporating it into my outfits! When it comes to makeup try blues, greens and purples - simply too mermazing!

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog! Sorry about my messy upload schedule but my life got oh so hectic that I couldn’t keep it fixed - I will still try to post on Saturday, don’t you worry!

Sandy hugs and salty kisses,

Neville xx

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